Routledge: Survey Practices and Landscape Photography Across the Globe

Edited by Sophie Junge and Erin Hyde Nolan

Series: Photography, Place, Environment This edited volume considers the many ways in which landscape (seen and unseen) is fundamental to place-making, colonial settlement, and identity formation. Collectively, the authors map a constellation of interlocking photographic histories and survey practices, decentering Europe as the origin of camera-based surveillance.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Survey Practices Across the Globe

Erin Hyde Nolan and Sophie Junge

Part 1: Landscape, Heritage and the Colonization of Space

  1. The Great Game: The Making of Dunhuang as “Heritage” Site in Photography (1900–1945)

Mia Yinxing Liu

  1. Historical Topographies: Thomas Johnson Westropp, Antiquarianism, and Cultural Identity

Justin Carville

  1. Surveying in the Dutch Colonial Archive: Reproduction, Authorship, and Postcolonial Ownership

Sophie Junge

  1. Sammy Baloji: Extractive Landscapes

Lotte Arndt and Sammy Baloji

Part 2: Border Control: From Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Colonial Aesthetic or Military Narrative? On the Violence Behind the Foureau-Lamy Saharan Mission (1898–1900)

Samia Henni

  1. Claimed, Imagined, Idealized: Survey Photographs from the Northwest Boundary Commission, 1857–1862

Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere

  1. Imperial Violence in the Chilean-Argentine Boundary Case of 1902

Matthias Johannes Pfaller Schmid

Part 3: Landscaping: The Cultivation of Environment and Image

  1. Annie Lady Brassey’s Photographic Albums and Writings: Botanical Gardens in the Creation of Empire and Place

Nancy Micklewright and Therese O’Malley

  1. A Land’s Desire: History, Landscape, and Photography in Ottoman Palestine

Anjuli J. Lebowitz

  1. Collective Memory and Landscape: The K.F. Wong Collection in the National Archives of Singapore

Charmaine Toh

Part 4: Sites of Excavation: Unearthing Untold Photographic Histories

  1. “Close Your Eyes and Imagine a German”: The Alps as Postmemorial Landscape of Black Europe in Maud Sulter’s Photomontages

Sarah Phillips Casteel

  1. Searching for California Hang Trees

Ken Gonzales-Day

Part 5: Practices of Resistance: The Science of Observation

  1. The Surveyor’s Gaze: Reconsidering Nineteenth-Century Modalities in Ottoman Visuality

Deniz Türker

  1. Witness, Evidence, and the Environmental Archive

Chris Malcolm

  1. Terrazo

Pablo López Luz

Epilogue: Land/s

Gohar Dashti

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November 2022: 332pp
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