The Bone-Grass Boy

The Bone-Grass Boy: The Secret Banks of the Conejos River was part of the Getty's second Pacific Standard Time initiative LA/LA (Latin America/Los Angeles) and allowed audiences to explore an elaborate world in which the artist played all the of the characters, parts of which had not been displayed for nearly twenty years.

Platinum/ Palladium Prints

In the summer of 2022 I was invited to be a Visiting Artist at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO. It was an amazing week where I learned how to make Platinum/Palladium prints and met a some really great artists and enthusiastic students.

Surface Tension

For Surface Tension, the artist documented thousands of murals in Los Angeles as a part of the Getty's second Pacific Standard Time initiative LA/LA (Latin America/Los Angeles) creating a unique portrait of the city.


Dysmorphologies was a body of work exploring the indexicality of the photographic image through gridded collections of images exploring the ambiguity of the human body as either signifier or signified as an exploration of difference (race, age, tattoos, scarring) along with fragmented details of the individual.

Videos and Talks

This page gathers together videos and panels that I found posted on YouTube and Vimeo. I also made a YouTube Channel which includes a few different collections. This content appears elsewhere on this site as well but I wanted to put them all in one place. I would say the most recent ones are the most concise and there is generally interest in my work on lynching.

KGD Essays and Print

This page gathers some of my published writings and essays in one place. They are all included in under Bibliography tab in the menu bar, which has essays, Catalogs and publications, but this is an easy way to just see some of my published writing in one place.

Queer- ish

Queer-ish is the title for an exhibition begun from a body of work that we collected in the early days of eBay and in the shadow of "Dear Friends", a ground-breaking exhibition depicting same-sex couples. There are images that reference gender play,  friendship, and that were clearly intended to be photographed. As such, these images, claim a certain status as performative acts of caring, sharing, or just having fun.