Smithsonian: Archives of American Art

Teaching with Primary Sources

The Archives of American Art’s Teaching with Primary Sources program offers workshops and professional development fellowships that foster new approaches to teaching the history of art with primary sources at the undergraduate and graduate level.  The aim is to enhance student engagement, while providing key skills for the critical reading of archival evidence.

What people are saying:

“The invited speakers were fantastic, and I know that I’m not the only participant who left brimming with new ideas to bring back to the classroom.”

“I was inspired by the many examples of lesson plans that explicitly invited student to be creative as they developed critical and analytical skills for reading a range of primary sources.”

“Over and over, my colleagues introduced ideas and perspectives that enhanced my creative understanding of archives.”

“I am floored by the way this cohort has joined together and engaged with the pleasures and challenges of using primary sources in teaching.”

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