LA Weekly: One Woman Is On a Mission to Find All of L.A. County’s Hidden Civic Art

By Matt Stromberg

Bridget Campos is charged with tracking down art belonging to Los Angeles County in hundreds of L.A. County hospitals, courthouses, public parks and fire stations in 88 municipalities across 4,000 square miles.

The team tirelessly searches the county’s unassuming institutions and public spaces, spreading out over hundreds of county sites, looking for inspiring art that has been commissioned or donated over L.A.’s 166-year history.

Located on the parking garage but facing the building is a massive 68-by-18-foot kaleidoscopic image of tree branches, which provides a meditative moment. “If you were having an emotionally challenging day, my hope is that seeing this structure might be akin to looking up through the trees, or some other physiological experience,” Gonzales-Day says. And the center’s clients seem to agree, as one woman told the L.A. Times when the building opened in 2008: “It makes it look peaceful, even though it may not be. You come here and it’s a headache.”

Source: LA Weekly