Thursday, Oct. 27 — Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022

Long Beach City College
Art Gallery | K Building: K-100
4901 East Carson St.
Long Beach, California

“All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you…God is change.” -Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

Cuidate Mucho is a group exhibition centered on care as a life-sustaining and life-giving force. The title of the exhibition Cuidate Mucho translated from Spanish to English as: Take much care of yourself. It is a valediction phrase that combines both care and caution, implying a threat or harm is near. The phrase is often used to wish a loved one a favorable outcome; for example wishing for someone’s safe return home, unharmed, and in one piece.

Concurrently, it is also used to hope for someone’s improved health and well-being. As we all became accustomed to living with the coronavirus, cuidate mucho was so often heard that it lost its meaning. It was during the pandemic that we all became significantly aware of the power of care; caring for others, and for one’s own health became essential to our survival. As we emerge from the pandemic, black and brown communities continue to be the most vulnerable. The artist in Cuidate Mucho reflects on some of the threats that affect communities of color such as the prison industrial complex, immigration, poverty, unfair labor practices, racism, and gender-based violence. The artists offer solutions centered on care, love, and tenderness.

Curated by Karla Aguíñiga, Art Gallery and Exhibitions Manager!


The Long Beach City College Art Gallery is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and the campus community with access to regionally significant artwork in support of departmental student learning outcomes. The Gallery is also a hub for Long Beach community involvement through its support from the LBCC Fine Arts Associates and the Arts Council for Long Beach. Each academic year the gallery hosts multiple exhibitions including the annual Student Exhibition held at the end of each Spring semester. A bi-annual faculty exhibition is also an essential part of gallery programming.

In Exhibition Design and Gallery Practices, students collectively curate an exhibition, guided by the LBCC gallery director. The selection of artists and artworks specifically with the LBCC Art Gallery in mind will be made. Art handling, installation techniques, lighting, announcement design, and hosting a reception will be covered. Artist’s studio, gallery and museum visits are an integral component of Art 12.

The Gallery is also the location for Visiting Artists lectures centered on current exhibitions. Previous Visiting Artists have included: Kim Abeles, Keith Walsh, Philip Vaughan, Lynne McDaniel, Jeremy Kidd, Max Presneill, James Scott, visiting British photographer, William Ellis, Suzanne Pugh, Alexandra Hopp, Eric Silva, Mary Donald as well as Ron Nelson, Director Long Beach Museum of Art and Jo Lauria, curator.

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**Donations will be accepted throughout the duration of the exhibition.