Angle of View: Histories in Sharp Focus

Gonzales-Day, Ken. Angle of View: Histories in Sharp Focus
Huffpost Arts & Culture, Mar. 2015


Our memories sometimes work against us. Recollections of dates, times, and names fade with each passing moment. Erasing painful images or pretending oppression does not exist will not eradicate social injustice. Feigning that inequity and bias do not exist will not inherently make them disappear. To promote a more just society, we need to acknowledge our outrage and pain, both personal and collective, precisely because we don’t want any unjust act to pass unrecorded. As an artist, I hope to contribute my own voice to our struggle by creating something visual. It could be a record, a document, or an image, but my art always calls attention to these important moments of our anguished history.

As a photographer, I make quick decisions on whether to record the faces of anger, loss, and pain, or to consider others ways to visually tell the story. Whether it’s a makeshift memorial left near the site of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, or the heartfelt actions of protesters in downtown Los Angeles, my recent project has been an attempt to create a visual record of something very real.


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