The New Museum: The Art Mall

Curated by Brian Hannon

From May 16 to June 28, 1992, the New Museum presented “The Art Mall: A Social Space,” an exhibition that sought to examine the function of the shopping mall in society, and to use it as a model for the exhibition of art in a museum context. This project offered the Museum an opportunity to expand traditional exhibition practice, address broader audiences, and to provide artists an occasion to interact with the public in unconventional ways.

Artists were invited to develop programs based on the concept of the shopping mall as a prominent force which shapes cultural ideology and identity through consumerism. The resulting multidisciplinary group project explored the nature of public space as a setting for community interaction, and probed the possibilities and limitations of both the museum and the mall.

Doug Aitken, Vikky Alexander, Todd Alden, Steve Ausbury, Tamas Banovich, Diane Bonder, Didier Canaux, Lenora Champagne, Marta Chilindron, Eduardo Costa, Adam Cvijanovic, Devon Dikeou, Greg Drasler, Brenden Fitzgerald, Rinaldo Frattolillo, Ken Gonzales-Day, Grai St. Clair Rice, Bolek Greczynski, Toby Lee Greenberg, Hit and Run Theatre, Carol Irving, Ben Kinmont, Kwok, Chip Lord, Gen Ken Montgomery, Peggy Phelan, Barbara Pollack, Teri Rueb, Judite dos Santos, Ann Duncan Satterfield, Vivian Selbo, Kerri Scharlin, Jennifer Schlosberg, Jeffrey W. Schulz, Elizabeth M. Stephens, The Battlefields Crew from the Living Museum at Creedmore Psychiatric Center, The Thing, Danny Tisdale, VRcades, David Wells, Shunsuke Yamaguchi

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