The New Yorker: Goings On About Town

Vince Aletti. “Goings On About Town: Ken Gonzales-Day.”
The New Yorker, 3 Nov. 2011, New York.

“In a project that recalls Louise Lawler’s ongoing investigation of art objects as fetishes and commodities, Gonzales-Day photographs statuary in the storerooms of European and American museums. His interest in representations of race, gender, and class results in a number of pointed juxtapositions of white, black, and ethnic subjects that are obvious but effective. In one image, an American Indian bronze in a loincloth gestures aggressively toward a naked white-marble youth who looks back seductively. Other work here is subtler and more ambiguous, picturing the random jumble of institutional storage spaces as a mass of types and archetypes forced into peaceful coexistence…”

Source: The New Yorker