Emerge Though Art: Ken Gonzales-Day.

Emerge Through Art. Artist Interview: Ken Gonzales-Day.
Vimeo, May 2011, Los Angeles.


“Can you tell us about the ideas around the exhibition?

The exhibition is called Profiled, and it revolves around issues of thinking about racial formations. It’s looking at Western canons of beauty ranging from the Apollo and the Venus to 19th century and early 20th century attempts to categorize racial differences. All of these are part of the spectrum of racial representations that I’ve been looking at for a number of years, but in this particular project, i’m really dealing with the history of sculptural representation and the legacies that are embedded but unseen in those histories.

How would you define your art practice?

If one were trying to think of how I would define my practice, I think that can be a challenge both for myself and for others. Often my projects are research oriented and tend to take the form of photographs or photographic installations. But I’ve also done work dealing with appropriated images. I’ve done sculpture and drawing and even painting, but I’m most known and have been working as a photographer in recent years…”

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