Vancouver Biennale: Announces “re-IMAGE-n”


May 29, 2018 Vancouver, Canada – The Vancouver Biennale announces its fourth edition, titled “re-IMAGE-n,” launching June 2018, with projects unfolding over the exhibition’s two-year duration. Under the artistic direction of Barrie Mowatt and curatorial leadership of Marcello Dantas and Jeffrey Uslip, the Biennale invites international artists to respond to the prevailing issues of our time, including the widespread refugee and migrant crisis, a global shift towards nationalism and isolationism, and an intensifying drain on our shared natural resources. Projects will “re-IMAGE-n” (reimagine) a progressive social framework that supports free speech, Reconciliation and the rights of First Nations, LGBTQ rights, artistic freedom, gender, racial and sexual equality, ecological awareness, religious freedom, and the ethics of biotechnology.

The Biennale’s artworks will evolve in freely accessible and often unexpected public locations throughout Vancouver. Mowatt will produce interventions with Jessica Angel (Columbia/USA), Ajlan Gharem (Saudi Arabia), Yoko Ono (USA/Japan), Douglas Coupland (Canada), Inuk Silis Høegh (Greenland), Marc Johnson (Benin/France), Maskull Lasserre (Squamish/Canada), Sahej Rahal (India), and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun (Coast Salish/Okanagan). Dantas will organize site-specific sculptures with Makoto Azuma (Japan), Ibrahim Mahama (Ghana), Patricia Piccinini (Australia), and Ishmael Randall Weeks (Peru), among others.

Uslip will curate an expansive series of projects under the curatorial aegis “This Is Not America” that thinks through various cultural, social and political pressures placed on individuals, the environment and aesthetics in our current cultural climate. The exhibition’s title summons Alfredo Jaar’s seminal artwork, A Logo For America (1987), as its point of origin to engage dialogue and debate. Participating artists include Miguel Adrover (Majorca), Geoffrey Farmer (Canada), Anya Gallaccio (United Kingdom), General Idea (Canada), Ken Gonzales-Day (USA), Dan Graham (USA), Alfredo Jaar (Chile), Simone Leigh (USA), Daniel Joseph Martinez (USA), Paul Pfeiffer (USA/Philippines), Arcangelo Sassolino (Italy), Clement Siatous (Chagos Islands), Gary Simmons (USA), and Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie (Seminole/Muscogee/Dine’). In addition, Uslip assembled a team of curatorial advisors including Linda Norden, New York-based art historian and independent curator and Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Professor of Native American Studies and Director, C. N. Gorman Museum, University of California, Davis.

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