Playwrights Horizon Public Art Series on 42nd St.

Reimagining our building as a site for exploration and disruption:

This rotating series of art installations amplifies the shared aims of visual artists and theater-makers: pursuing social transformation, exposing contradictions of American life, and disrupting routine patterns. Our aim is to breathe new life into an established institution as we imagine our course forward.

The series, conceived by artist, activist, and writer Avram Finkelstein and set and costume designer David Zinn, inaugurates our Lighthouse Project with an installation by Ken Gonzales-Day. Join us for upcoming Lighthouse Talks, free online conversations about the role of public art led by staff members, theater-makers, and visual artists.

The Public Art Series includes  Mexican-American artist Ken Gonzales-Day, whose work illuminates how difference, otherness, and identity emerge through acts of seeing. His photographs of historical artifacts — ranging from archival postcards to marble busts — reveal the constructedness of racial categories and hierarchies alike. Using digital editing software, he experiments with absence, juxtaposition, and context in order to expose how we have been taught to see. On view at Playwrights Horizons, his Profiled project places sculptures of human figures from Asia, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Northern Europe, Singapore, and the United States in unexpected encounters with one another — not unlike many characters from many plays sharing a single stage. These likenesses reveal a stunning range of ideas of beauty and imaginaries of race, inviting us to reckon with our definitions and representations of both, from wherever we stand as the viewer (or sit in the audience).

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