Artspeak: Park, Invisible Violence

By Ken Gonzales-Day | April 28, 2013

Liz Park, Invisible Violence, Gallery TPW, Toronto, ON

A mobile home at night

Armory Center: Edge of Twilight

By Ken Gonzales-Day | February 15, 2013

Ken Gonzales-Day, Connie Samaras: Tales of Tomorrow, Armory Center, 2013

Edward S. Curtis: Visualizing the ‘Vanishing Race.’

By Ken Gonzales-Day | January 15, 2013

Ken Gonzales-Day, Performing Archive: Ed. by Jacqueline Wernimont, David J. Kim, Amy Borsuk, et al.,
SCALAR, University of Southern California, 2013

Art Journal: From Postcards to Plaster Casts – The Image of Lynching in Kienholz’s Five Car Stud.

By Ken Gonzales-Day | March 15, 2012

Ken Gonzales-day, Art Journal, Vol. 76. No. 1, Spring 2012

X-TRA: Fragments from the Profiled Series

By Ken Gonzales-Day | September 15, 2011

Ken Gonzales-Day, X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly, Sept. 2011.

The Josh: The Bone-Grass Boy

By Ken Gonzales-Day | August 15, 2011

Ken Gonzales-Day, The Josh, Issue # 3, 2011

LACMA PAC Prize: Profiled

By Ken Gonzales-Day | April 15, 2011

A PAC Prize Book, LACMA, 2011, Los Angeles.

Super Massive Black Hole: Ken Gonzales-Day

By Ken Gonzales-Day | October 15, 2010

Ken Gonzales-Day, SuperMassiveBlackWhole, Issue 6, 2010

Getty Research Journal: Selections from Profile Series

By Ken Gonzales-Day | August 16, 2010

Ken Gonzales-Day, Getty Research Journal, No. 2, 2010

Palais: Special Print Project

By Ken Gonzales-Day | September 15, 2009

Ken Gonzales-Day, Palais, Palais de Tokyo, Fall 2009

Benton Museum of Art – Pomona College: Hang Trees

By Ken Gonzales-Day | December 6, 2006

Project Series 30, Pomona College Museum of Art, Sept 10 -Oct 22, 2006

Whiteness: A Wayward Construction

By Ken Gonzales-Day | April 12, 2005

Edited by Tyler Stallings Whiteness, A Wayward Construction is a group exhibition of contemporary artists who explore the identity politics and cultural study of whiteness in the United States, the first exhibition of its kind in an American museum. The exhibition includes seventy-eight works of paintings, drawings, photography, and installations by twenty-eight artists. The exhibition is […]

Atzlan: Artist’s Communiqué

By Ken Gonzales-Day | April 7, 2005

Ken Gonzales-Day, Atzlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies, fall 2005

Leonardo: Analytical Photography

By Ken Gonzales-Day | November 16, 2002

Portraiture, from the Index to the Epidermis By Ken Gonzales-Day Leonardo, Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology Vol 35, No 1, 2002, pp 23 -30   To read Leonardo of article

Routledge: Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History

By Ken Gonzales-Day | April 12, 2001

Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History: From Antiquity to the Mid-Twentieth Century, Routledge, 2003

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Recovered Art Reviews

By Ken Gonzales-Day | January 4, 2000

Ken Gonzales-Day, artissues magazine 1995-2000