LAist: This Artist Photographed Murals All Across Los Angeles

By Annie Lloyd


Ken Gonzales-Day, a multidisciplinary artist based out of Los Angeles, has created a city-spanning retrospective of L.A.’s quintessential murals and street art. In conjunction with Pacific Standard Time’s LA/LA and the Skirball Cultural Center, the artist is presenting Surface Tension by Ken Gonzales-Day: Murals, Signs, and Mark-Making in LA, on display at the Skirball from October 6 to February 25. The exhibit will feature 140 new photographs of mural practices across L.A., displaying the city’s rich history of public art and the how the intersections of race and class manifest in the “visual landscape of Los Angeles’s streets.”

Gonzales-Day spent ten months crossing the city, charting murals from Venice Beach to Pacoima. In an interview with Madeleine Brand on KCRW’s Press Play, he describes how, “[m]any of us have very romantic or simplistic ideas about what we’re seeing when we see an image on a wall. And so I wanted to take the opportunity to look at all of the city, and to think of it as a kind of portrait of the city.”

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