Sarasota Magazine: The Ringling’s Phantom Bodies

The Human Aura in Art Explores Heavy Themes of Human Nature



Felicity Warner. The Ringling’s Phantom Bodies: The Human Aura in Art Explores Heavy Themes of Human Nature.
Sarasota Magazine, 22 Jun. 2016

“I hope they [visitors] take away a sense of self-analysis and a renewed sense of purpose. Among the most powerful works in the exhibition, for me, are a group of photos by Ken Gonzales-Day. He has taken archival photographs of lynchings and photoshopped out the victim so that we focus on the perpetrators of these heinous acts. These works have had a profound impact on me, and have made me look inward and ask myself the very uncomfortable questions, ‘When have I not spoken up? When have I been a bystander to injustice?’ We should all be asking ourselves such questions, especially today as injustice and hate crimes are on the rise again throughout the world. If the exhibition does this for some of our visitors, then it will be a success.”

Source: Sarasota Magazine

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