L.A. TACO: Surface Tension by Ken Gonzales-Day

Murals, Signs, and Mark Making in LA


Part of the Getty-led Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, this fascinating and timely exhibition explores the historical and contemporary impact of murals in Los Angeles, featuring more than 140 photographs by the artist. Both a meditation on the nature of public art and signage and how it impacts the city of Los Angeles, the show is also a current-day documentation of the city’s current street scene, including images of work by leading muralists like Levi Ponce and Kent Twitchell alongside graffiti artists like the LOVE Crew.

There’s an element of interactivity as well– a digital map and a large map on the gallery floor will allow visitors see the murals in their geographical context, and to trace Gonzales-Day’s route through Los Angeles as he documents the city’s public art. Visitors can also take home a printed map of the city that shows the location of each mural in the show and invites them to document their own finds as well.

Keep reading for a preview of some of the images that will be on display, along with all the information you need about the show from the Skirball Cultural Center.

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