PST II, LA/LA: Place and Practice Symposium.

San Diego Museum of Art & The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA
May 2 – 4, 2015

Symposium Schedule: San Diego Museum of Art, Sat. May 2, 2014; Getty Museum: Mon. May 4, 2014

The San Diego Museum of Art:

Naming: Criticism and Case Studies

This panel is an introduction on the issues of writing on art and culture in Southern California and

the border region. It will include influential writers, journalists, and critics and consider how their

work has impacted and framed the representation of Latino artistic production. One particular

issue of interest might be the debate on cultural naming across media outlets.

Moderator: Ondine Chavoya

Juan Devis, filmmaker and director KCET Art†Bound, Ruben Martinez,  Daniel Hernandez, Luis C. Garza

PechaKucha #1

1) Robb Hernandez

2) Luis Hernandez

3) Christina Sanchez

4) Raul Baltazar

5) Gala PorrasKim

6) Carmen Argote

Organizing Communities Roundtable

This panel is an introduction to specific case studies that investigate artist driven initiatives that have bridged Latino, Latin American and Los Angeles communities. A history that included art spaces like Regeneracion in Highland Park and Estacion Tijuana that sought to fill institutional gaps and bring people together in sociopolitical solidarity. Case studies include advocacy driven projects that mirror civic justice organizations and seek to excavate the complex territory of “community.”

Moderator: Ricardo Dominguez

Oscar Romo, Regeneración, Sandra de la Loza, South El Monte Arts Posse, Cognate Collective

PechaKucha #2

1) Alejandra Espasande

2) Mujeres de Maíz

3) School of Echoes

4) Raquel Gutierrez

5) Camilo Cruz

6) Nao Bustamante

The J. Paul Getty Museum:

1) Histories and Migration Panel

This panel will focus on Southern California’s historic relationship to Latino and Latin American cultures and communities. Scholars will focus on historical case studies dealing with movement

and migration as a way to focus on the evolving nature of this community and its relationship with the various regions of Latin America. Many of these histories have not been told or are in

need of retelling. One example may include the paradoxical framing of U.S. foreign policy and Central American communities in Los Angeles. Another might be an investigative practice that

tracks movements across borders, discursively, aesthetically and politically.

Moderator: Teddy Cruz

Kency Cornejo,  Victor Clark Alfaro, David Avalos, Mariana Botey, Ruben Ortiz Torres

PechaKucha #1

1) Polen AudioVisual

2) Rafa Esparza

3) Cognate Collective

4) Mexicali Rose

5) Beatriz Cortez

6) Omar Pimienta

PechaKucha #2

1) Elizabeth Chaney

2) Ana Andrade

3) Dignicraft

4) Carolina Caycedo

5) Mobile Mural Lab

6) Las Cafeteras

Archives & Pedagogy Roundtable

This panel focuses on the archive in the expanded field as pedagogy and aesthetic site. These speakers each engage varied research techniques drawn from multiple disciplines and

manifested in forms of teaching, investigation, curation, publishing, and archiving, reactivating forgotten histories and producing cultural work. Despite the much publicized professionalization

of the art realm, many of these efforts are not uniquely linked to universities. Other sites of investigation can be found in historic projects, transdisciplinary forms of research, that open

themselves to the public or independent art projects that generated various forms of cultural actions together.

Moderator: Chon Noriega

Lucia Sanroman, Jose Manuel Valenzuela, Ken Gonzales-Day, Fiamma Montezemolo,  Jennifer Flores Sternad


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