Run Up

Run Up is a shot film inspired by California’s last documented lynching of a Latino. Gonzales-Day’s film is based on research he uncovered in his groundbreaking publication Lynching in the West: 1850-1935 (Duke, 2006) which shed new light on lynching in the American Southwest where African Americans were not the only victims of the Lynch mob. In California, ¬†Latinos, Native American, and Asians constituted the majority of cases of lynching in the American West. The film was produced by Gonzales-Day and directed by Andrew Hines. Gonzales-Day conceived and photographed a series of tableau from part of his research into historic cases of police violence in California.

The film and photographic series were the central elements of the exhibition Run Up at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles which include a series of photographs taken in Ferguson in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting. The exhibition sought to highlight the many overlaps between the Black Lives Matter movement and Gonzales-Day’s previous work which to raise awareness of historic and contemporary accounts of police and State violence against Latinx communities. The exhibition also included a series of images created from protests surrounding the Minnesota Grand Jury verdict not to prosecute the officers involved in the shooting.

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