Los Angeles Times: Knight, Ken Gonzales-Day’s pointed portraits at Luis De Jesus


Christopher Knight

“Ken Gonzales-Day’s pointed portraits at Luis De Jesus.”
Los Angeles Times, 9 Nov. 2012, 2012


“Ken Gonzales-Day uses photographs to picture sites of secrecy and hidden history. Light-jet prints mounted on aluminum panels yield a stately, almost ceremonial presence. In his Conceptually oriented pictures, prominent blank space often functions as a visual signal that something is missing — something that the subtly exalted photograph may or may not be able to identify, but that looms large nonetheless.

At Luis de Jesus Gallery, 19 selections from three bracing bodies of work made during the past 10 years incorporate three standard categories of artistic tradition — still life, landscape and portraiture. Provocatively, which is which isn’t always crystal clear. A still life might be composed of sculpted portrait busts, or a landscape focused on a portrait of a tree…”

Source: Los Angeles TimesĀ