art ltd: Zellen, Profiled/Hang Trees/ Portraits at Luis De Jesus

Jody Zellen. “Ken Gonzales-Day: “Profiled/Hang Trees/ Portraits at Luis De Jesus.”
Art Ltd. Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013, Los Angeles.


“Ken Gonzales-Day’s photographic works are political and poignant. They investigate the absent other. His series have consistently explored those who have disappeared, are left out, or are hidden because of their race. Acutely perceptive, Gonzales-Day has mined archives as well as museum collections documenting the image of Latinos and other people of color. The work is neither didactic nor prescriptive. Its formal elegance and grace enhances the content and charged subject matter. While many of the works in the exhibition entitled “Profiled | Hang Trees | Portraits” have been presented elsewhere, juxtaposed anew, the depth and criticality of Gonzales-Day’s vision is articulated…”

Source: Art Ltd.