It’s Not Just a Bus Line. Streetsblog Explores…

Damien Newton


“I met with Zipporah Yamamoto and Heidi Zeller, two members of Metro’s art team, at Canoga Station.   The two explained how the art program worked, how residents and community leaders provided input that guided the artists, and how Metro was more interested in artists vision than in someone familar with creating stone and glass mosaics or porcelain enamel steel art panels.

Yamamoto explained that from the moment Gonzales-Day first visited the site of Canoga Station, he wanted to bring some of the local agriculture to the station through his art. “He felt like the station was surrounded by asphalt and concrete and wanted to give the rider something beautiful to look at.”

I found Gonzales-Day’s work interesting.  It certainly embraced what the landscape of the area looked like before development.  I also enjoyed how the art panel and ellipses complimented each other even though the mediums were different: a photograph and a stone and glass mosaic.”

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