Leslie-Lohman Museum: Found


Found: Queerness As Archeology

The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Curated by Avram Finkelstein
June 10 – September 10, 2017
26 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013

“To be queer is to be an archaeologist. In order to find traces of ourselves in a world that prefers we be hidden, we excavate, sifting through our cultural landscape for ancestral signs, oftentimes as a matter of survival. FOUND is a survey of artists who treat queer identity like an archaeological dig, and in their quest for evidence of a queer footprint, they snap twigs along the trail, mapping their way in the process.”
– Avram Finkelstein, Curator

May 19, 2017 (New York, NY) – The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition FOUND: Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction on view June 10 – September 3, 2017 and curated by Avram Finkelstein, founding member of the Silence=Death and Gran Fury collectives. Coinciding with this exhibition, the Museum will debut the new QueerPower façade commission in early June 2017 designed by the Silence=Death Collective, and will honor this collective at their annual Summer Benefit on June 8 from 6 – 9 pm.

FOUND surveys the work of 27 contemporary artists as well as ephemera from Greer Lankton. The work on view examines queer identity utilizing the tools of abstraction, and the exhibition design and installation take inspiration from the concept of the artist’s workshop as a space for excavation and inquiry.

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