November Newsletter

Thank you visiting the site. I just removed all the old newsletters and I am just posting a little something for now. A solo exhibition of the recent and ongoing pandemic portrait work just opened over the weekend at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles. We had a really good turn out and it was so much fun to see some of the models again.

I recently published an essay in the The Latinx Project which provides a bit of a glimpse into the thinking behind the LA Metro station artwork that is in production. I photographed over 150 works from the LACMA Collection and it should look really amazing, but its still a few years off.

I also recently gave a lynching walking tour for downtown Los Angeles. It really is a rather amazing little-known history, despite that I have been talking about it for nearly two decades. The tour is recently updated because of changes in the downtown area.  You can find it all on this site, and you can go on your own or with friends anytime. I also updated the archive section of the site, which if you never looked at, is kind of fun. I will be adding more materials in the coming weeks and months, as the site is constant work in progress.

I think thats it for now. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season.