Log Cabin

Curated by Jeffrey Uslip as part of the Emerging Curators Series.January 18 – February 26, 2005

Through explorations of alienation and social ghettoization, to neo-conservative tendencies within the queer community, Log Cabin stimulates dialogue about the shift in queer vernaculars provoked by the current political climate.

Artists: Monica Abend, Andy Alexander, Cass Bird, Nayland Blake, Gregg Bordowitz, AA Bronson, Dave Burns, Jimmie Durham, Ken Gonzales-Day, Glen Fogel, Christy Gast, K8 Hardy, Jonathan Horowitz, Matt Keegan, Benjamin Kress, Terrence Koh, Glenn Ligon, Matt Lipps, Lovett/Codagnone, Monica Majoli, Wardell Milan, Slava Mogutin, Jenny Perlin, Paul Pfeiffer, Dean Sameshima, Matt Saunders, Julia Scher, Allison Smith, Marc Swanson, Scott Treleaven, Mark Verabioff, Kelley Walker, and Fritz Welch.

Log Cabin. Installation view, Artists Space, 2005. [Several sculptures and 2D works installed in a gallery space with wooden flooring. Two walls emerge on the left and right sides of the image, creating a doorway through which another area of the gallery is visible. The wall on the left is painted black, while all other walls are painted white. Several photographs—including two picturing nude figures bound in rope—and works on paper hang on either wall. In the far gallery space, three sculptures sit on the floor and a single TV monitor is installed on the farthest wall.]

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