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art journal OPEN: The Color of Joy – A Roundtable Discussion

The Color of Joy: A Roundtable Discussion

A roundtable on how the BIPOC subject finds opportunities to experience pleasure and joy in their daily lives.

This roundtable was convened alongside the preparations for “The Color of Joy,” a special forum, recently published in the Fall 2023 issue of Art Journal. The conversation that follows is in many ways a continuation of this convening as well as an earlier conference panel of the same name, presented at the 109th College Art Association Annual Conference in 2021.In this roundtable discussion, held over Zoom on August 13, 2021, artists and scholars Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson, Ken Gonzales-Day, crystal am nelson, Joseph M. Pierce, and Michelle Yee consider how the quotidian BIPOC subject experiences pleasure and joy in the face of deprivation. This conversation radically shifts the focus from the images of suffering and narratives of trauma that tend to dominate representations of people of color in the United States to a rarely acknowledged affective register. The five discussants foreground community and happiness to tease out the nuances of BIPOC sociality lived in the margins.

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