USNEWS: Jackson and Trump have a Lot in Common

Quoted from USNEWS
Written by Linda Killian
Feb. 13, 2017

“Donald Trump has hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, next to his desk in the Oval Office and members of his staff are touting the idea that the two men have a lot in common… Both were called tyrants and bullies and like Trump, Jackson professed to always put American interests first and inveighed against “alien enemies.”

Trump addresses his critics and enemies in media appearances, speeches and tweets, while Jackson engaged in duels, even killing one of his opponents… But the most striking commonality between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson is their use of race to divide the nation and unite their supporters and their seeming disdain for the rule of law.

The concept of Herrenvolk (master race) democracy is the idea of oppressing one or more racial groups while promoting the idea of equality among the white oppressors. For Trump, this involves Muslims and Mexicans who have become scapegoats for our national security threats and manufacturing job losses. In Jackson’s case, the most egregious example was his removal of Native Americans from Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears in which 4,000 Indians died on the journey. Jackson was unapologetic in asserting that he was recovering the land for white American settlement…”